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Webgen is no longer sold as a seperate item.

There is a new, all-Perl version that I sometimes use as part of specific consulting projects.


Webgen™ takes output generated from practically any database and converts it into HTML files, either on-the-fly or in batches. Webgen™ can also create RTF versions of your data, suitable for importing into word-processors or page-layout programs.

With Webgen™ . . .

Webgen™ is simply the most powerful database-to-web software you can find today.

Webgen™ uses templates to control the look of pages, your final pages can look any way you want - any format you can do by hand you can have Webgen™ do automatically for one page or hundreds of pages.

Webgen™ makes it incredibly easy to maintain a large web site that changes frequently. With Webgen™ you can create one page per record, many pages from 1 record, and 1 page from many records. We have a diagram showing a simplified scheme of how Webgen works.

Webgen™ will work with any database package that can produce comma-separated output, from a simple flatfile database to a complex relational one. We highly recommend the use of FileMaker Pro by Claris Corporation. FileMaker Pro is powerful, inexpensive, files and interface are identical on Mac and Windows systems.

Webgen™ is available in versions for Windows NT, Windows 95, and several types of UNIX.

Webgen™ version 1.0 is copyright 1995 by ILC and Bonsai.
Version 2.0 and later changes are copyright by ILC.