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Provides methods to count files, packages, lines, subroutines, and calculate cyclomatic-complexity of the subroutines and of the 'main' of each file.

Perl::Metrics::Simple on

Provides high-level interface to the Perl DBI module.

DBIx::Wrapper::VerySimple on

Provides a system for checking HTML form input using arbitrary rules.

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I maintain, but did not write this module.
Provides a lightweight system for creating and using text-based templates for HTML, XML, or any situation where templates are to be used and where you want to separate the programming logic from the presentation code. Allows you to specify the pattern for tags and to associate a tag with any Perl subroutine you want: each occurance of a tag is replaced with the output of the subroutine, and the tags' attributes are passed as a hashref to the subroutine.

Text::TagTemplate on

I maintain, but did not write this module.
Apache2::AuthCookieDBI is a module that subclasses Apache::AuthCookie and is designed to be directly used for authentication in a mod_perl server.
It is a ticket-issuing system that looks up username/passwords in a DBI database using generic SQL and issues MD5-checksummed tickets valid for a configurable time period. Incoming requests with tickets are checksummed and expire-time checked.
Version 2.0 and later require mod_perl 1.99 or later.

Apache2::AuthCookieDBI on

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