matisse in a suit Résumé

J Matisse Enzer, CEO
Eigenstate Consulting, LLC
P.O. Box 411607
San Francisco, California 94141-1607
Objective To lead by example in the design and development of software and systems. I love to build things.

More than 15 years experience providing technical leadership in building software, project management, system design, programming, and training.

Developing creative solutions using existing resources, and inspiring and motivating members of a project team.

Exceptionally skilled at explaining technical matters to non-technical people, and business matters to non-business people such as engineers.

A talent for understanding the link between technology and a business’s bottom line.

Current Engagement July 2007 - Present - Software engineering at Apple Inc. Lead engineer for a team at Apple which is adapting a set of existing tools for XML-based single-source authoring/publishing.
  • Led engineering work for the creation of
  • Refactoring an extensive legacy codebase at Barclays Global Investors so that it can be repeatably tested outside of Production. Inspired and facilated major improvements in the teams’ development practices.
  • Major work on anti-spam systems at Technorati, Inc. ( (July-December 2005.) I built a framework to integrate existing tools; added several new methods of identifying possible blog-spam; created an automated process for checking "suspects" using SpamAssassin. (Perl and Java, on Linux, using MySQL, Apache, mod_perl, daemon tools, memcached, CVS)
  • Software development consulting services to Doodlelab, primarily on the ecommerce-enabled version of the My Card Maker web application. (October-November 2005) (Perl,Linux,MySQL, Apache, mod_perl, CVS)
  • Technical architect and developer of a series of web-based Employee Benefits Enrollment/management systems, including the first one deployed for Adobe Systems in 1997. The latest (2003-2005) is used by ABM Industries to handle benefits for thousands of employees. A demonstration version is available at
    (Perl,Linux,MySQL, Apache, mod_perl, MySQL, CVS)
  • Led technical development of My Card Maker (
    and several similar products for Doodlelab (a company managed by Hamilton Partners.) My Card Maker is a client-server application using XMLRPC.
    (Perl,Linux, Solaris, MySQL, Apache, mod_perl, CVS, XML-RPC)
  • CPAN modules: and contributed to Devel::Refactor
  • Author of Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Copyright ©2006, Matisse Enzer) Published by Peachpit Press. This is the revised version, for Mac OS X 10.4. This book is the best beginners guide to Unix on the market.
  • Led the effort to migrate TechTV’s Web systems to a company-controlled environment.
  • Developed technical solutions to marketing business problems at SF Interactive, translating business goals into engineered specifications and systems.
  • Managed the Customer Support department at the WELL through growth from two to seven people; worked on rollout of Internet access in 1992.
Past Engagements 2006-2007
Software Development Services at Barclays Global Investors. January 2006 - June 2007 providing services which include:
  • Working in Perl and Java, primarily on Solaris 10, using Sybase, SVN, CVS, JBoss, Cruise Control, Apache, mod_perl.
  • Refactoring an extensive codebase to simplify and provide consistency.
  • Designed and led implementation of a entirely new Build and Deploy process based on industry-standard tools, providing an extensive framework for unit tests and end-to-end tests.
  • Introduced a "private" CPAN repository which is used to manage the interdependencies between various Perl libraries.
July-December 2005: Developer and Architect with Technorati, Inc. (

Designed and developed the technical systems of the employee Benefits Enrollment System (BES) used by ABM Industries. A simplified demonstration version is available to the public at
Development of this system included adding features after initial launch in order to support billing, audit trails, COBRA enrollments, etc.

Commercialized the development process and led the technical team for a series of web-based applications that provide users with the ability to upload and manipulate images and create printable compositions such as greeting cards, brochures, etc. Over a period of approximately two years five such systems were launched by Hamilton Partners in support of marketing programs they developed for Hewlett-Packard. The most well-known of the systems is My Card Maker.


OpNet Community Ventures
Designed and taught three and seven-week classes on Unix and Web programming

Buck Consultants
Designed and built a Web-based employee benefits enrollment system used by Pacific Coast Bancorp.


TechTV (formerly ZDTV)
Technology management assignments, including migration to a centrally controlled environment, design of a live comment system (tied to the live cable content.)


LSI Logic
Designed and built online reservations systems.


SF Interactive
Management of projects and engineering staff on several assignments


Project management assignments with companies including Bank of America, Clement Mok Designs (now Studio Archetype), Genentech, General Magic, Harvard Business School, LucasArts Entertainment Company, Macworld Online, and Pacific Telesis Group.


Manager, Support Department
Skills Unix/Linux, OS X, MySQL, Solaris, Perl, Java, mod_perl, HTML, CSS, SQL, Tcl, Bourne Shell, Apache, Netscape, NCSA, thttpd, CVS, vi
  • Co-host, Open Source conference on The WELL
  • Host, Internet conference on The WELL
  • Charter Member, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Publications 2006
  • Various articles for NetscapeWorld magazine
Education 1987
Apprenticeship with Christopher Alexander and the Center for Environment Structure, Berkeley California

Cooper Union-Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, New York City
References Available upon request.
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